July 14, 2014

Internet Boom! - 5 Instagram People to Follow and 1 Must Have App

Quit being so serious. This statement pretty much applies to my everyday life, this blog, and most of all, social media. I look to my computer phone for information, a little creative release (among other releases), and giggles. Lots and lots of giggles.

There are a few Instagrammers and artists I follow who make my social media attendance worth a shit; I thank you. To the IG crowd who take their iPhone photo apps so seriously, I thank you as well. It's all comic gold. From awkward, cringe-worthy self-portraits, to your sad dinner shout-out, to the ever-popular asshole baby shot, it's all entertaining on some level. Thank you and keep 'em coming.

Here are 5 people who are doing it right. I follow them, you should too:

1. @robertallenhager2
The photographer captures his girlfriend's bum in sexual, nonsexual, and an often humorous way. While he has a great photographic eye, what hooked me was the emotion from his photos. He looks at her with adoration and devotion that is not common (or, is it?), and I believe it to be beautiful.

2. @thiswildidea
I'm sure you've seen Theron Humphrey's dog portraits - I can't get enough! If you aren't following him, do it! I have tried to get my pup, Lola, to stay still for portraits but she pretty much farts in my face and runs off.

3. @cookingforbae
This asshole. This profile is composed of people submitting photos of struggle meals. Think government cheese, mystery meat, and harsh, direct flash photography. I love the shit out of Bae. I also love the iPhone meal-snapping phenomenon. No, seriously, I really dig it. It's up there with foodnetwork.com for me.

POO STICKS AND PORRIDGE: my new food blog.

4. @autumnspadaro
Autumn is one of my favorite photographers. Yes, all of her photos are technically on-point with thoughtful composition and execution, but they have what's like chasing the dragon in art: they have soul. This is what makes her photos magnificent, you can see the emotion dripping off the slide and I dig the shit out of it.

5. @thatlookslikeadick
Ok, I'm a 5 year old. I don't think I really have to explain it, just follow and laugh to get you through your work week.

Lastly, I found an app I can't get enough of called Faded. It's good for filters (maybe in combo with VSCO) and you are able to get full frame photos in varying dimensions. You are also able to play with double exposures which make for fun portrait hybrids.

Some of my masterpieces:

"Pool Angel" (pronounced: An - Hell)

I did this photo before Tommy Ramone passed away last week. RIP, Tommy.
The Ramones and I at Disneyland!

Is this creepy? I love Whataburger, ok.

Who did I miss? Tell me who you are following on Instagram, gimme the goods.

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