January 24, 2014

Do512 - A Guide to Hot Wings in Austin

I WANT ALL THE WINGS. My pals over at Do512 have put together a bitchin' guide to all things hot wings, and it's pretty good...

Maybe I've had my head in the taco clouds over here because I had no idea we had so many quality spots to get wings. AND, you're telling me there's a wing stop called, "Tommy Want Wingy"? Well, that's just cute.

I want to give a big, wet smooch to the places still offering 50 Cent Wing nights, bless your souls. I will hit up a special like that, post up at the bar, get shit-canned drunk, and high-five the bartender with my nasty, dripping wing hand. This will happen all on a Tuesday.

Check out the full piece here. What do you think? Did they miss anyone?

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