January 24, 2014

New Website, New Series!

New website, new series! Welcome back, friends! It’s good to see all my old pals back for more. If you are new to Miss Austin, then I welcome you. As some of you know, I have a love affair with the locals of Austin. I’m into everyone - the punkers, the loud mouths, the city witches, the dumbies, the creatives (everyone), the musicians (everyone), the burnt orange crowd, even the northsiders (Ok, Round Rock, you can come party). I’m pretty much titty-bumping all of Austin.

My sweet, baby angel, “Hunk of the Week” and “Babe of the Week” have been a fun, popular item. So much so, I have decided to shake it up a bit and give that shit to you weekly. Every Monday meet me here for my picks of the week. Now, they are not always going to be Hunks or Babes of the Week, lo siento, but they will be noteworthy. This is my space so I will be picking people, places, or nonsense of the week that is crucial to Austin survival. If nothing else, let’s fucking laugh together, ok? Keep in mind, I subscribe to the philosophy that nothing is above ridicule, so if you can get on board with that, then come on! This is the one and only time I will be presenting a disclaimer. Now, I’m not saying I know what you should and shouldn’t be doing while in Austin – ok, yes, I am saying that – so agree with me, disagree with me, I’m ok with it all. One thing is certain though, when you see me out and you disagree with my big mouth, you must buy me a drink if I have to listen to your delusional reasoning. I like tequila. A lot of it.

I also have a new partnership with Do512 so keep a look out for what's what in Austin as we will be sharing tons of fun stuff. Meet me back here on Monday, Feb. 3rd for my first Pick of the Week, it will be newsworthy. Call Quita Culpepper!

**A special thanks to this guy for helping straighten my wig.**

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