February 3, 2014

Hot Tamales of the Week!

To kick off the pick of the week series, I'm bringing you some loud, hot tamales to ease you into Monday. This is the kind of lady spice that will make you happily clench your butthole just enough to soften your afternoon commute, or, make your lunchtime PB&J taste like a porterhouse with sweet vagina brown butter on top.

The ladies of Las Navajas are my Hot Tamales of the Week!

Greis Cardenas, Jennifer Palacios, Jenny Bombo and Dementia Sinner

I am feeling these Mexican ladies, they are making me want to chug a tall glass of Mexican tap water and hit up a show. Las Navajas (The Knives) hail from Mexico City and are building a following. Their sound is loud and sassy and makes my lil brown ears perk up. Check out their tunes and judge for yourself.

Las Navajas are in the process of recording their first album and acquiring American visas. I'm not sure how international laws work, can I just send them my old TX ID to cruise on over to SXSW? I could probably make four copies to make it seem more legit. I'm brown, you brown, let 's do this. Jenny, let me know! I'll get some scotched tape and fire up my Xerox machine!

Follow them: @lasnavajas
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  1. "The Blades" is a more accurate translation for 'Navajas' than Knives (: