February 10, 2014

Coat and Tails: Shit-Squealer of the Week!

Holy shit this is the best gift ever, THE END. I’m sure we have all seen pet portraits but Coat and Tails, run by local Bryce Dishongh, really ups the anty. He specializes in hand-drawn portraits of dogs, cats - or really any animal – with graphite, charcoal or digital processes. His style is whimsical with a hint of regality. He says, “I draw dogs in human clothing mainly because I love the aesthetic of children’s book illustrations in which animals are clothed, but I also feel that pets are caught in this weird limbo between human and non-human worlds.

I need more portraits of animals in human clothes in my life. Not just any animal, but my animal, adorned in turn-of-the-century fashions. Her name is Lola and she is a sassy little tamale. Bryce, I’m about to blow up your Inbox! Check him out:

ALL CAPS EXCLAMATION: THESE ARE TOO CUTE! Bryce has also done some work with local animal rights groups who promote breed equality, and he is constantly supporting local adoption efforts, which seals the deal on making him Miss Austin’s Shit-Squealer of the Week! 

Follow Bryce Dishongh: @bryce_dishongh

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