February 17, 2014

Fitness Tip of the Week!

Fitness Tip of the Week!
I'm wearing my hottest Juanita Fonda thong leotard right now as I am typing this.

Not only am I in full-on La J. Fonda entire, but I am also balancing two frosty mugs on my jugs with excitement. Can I get a bounce for the weather turning to 70 degrees of let's-get-drunk-together perfect?! I think the sunshine makes everyone want to grab their bike for some around town cruisin', or, hit the trail to accelerate your dormant heart rate. I say YES to all. Let's get physical!

I've seen some crossfitters and bootcampers around Town Lake (so passe) pushing it to the limits. Eh, I see where you're going. Yeah, ok, you might be seeing some results from all those jumps and dives and rolls but I'm not impressed. I have found THE newest fitness routine that is right up my alley in the Lady Bird Lake area: it's called Toastie's.

Toastie's has $3 BEERS ALL THE TIME, EVERY DAY. Yay for fitness! Not just any beers, either, they have Live Oak Brewery on tap with some other favorites sprinkled in. My walks around the lake just got a whole lot brighter. After your 3-mile walk-run you can just cruise across the street to get hoppy hydrated. Then, BAM - health! I can get into a routine that ends with rad beer for $3, whenever. Sometimes I just need a beer hug after a brisk walk, ya feel me?

Toastie's has pretty damn good sandwiches too, but we're talking health and fitness so forget all those unnecessary carbs! Now, let's put on our spandex and get in shape!

Congrats to Toastie's for being our Pick of the Week!
Note: Toastie's isn't for all you crazy, late-night Biggest Loser fitters, they close at 9:00 pm during the week, 6:00 pm on Sunday, so get it right, then get it tight, ok?

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